links for 2009-05-06

  • Last summer we did a collaborative post with fellow Vancouverites VKI Studios called Stop Google Analytics from Stealing Your Valuable Keyword Data. Google Analytics really isn’t “stealing”, rather “concealing” the actual search queries that trigger your paid search ads when you’re using broad match. It’s a “ye have not because ye ask not” situation. “Ask and ye shall receive,” and by ask I mean set up a couple custom filters that will expose this data to you. I will be so bold to say that if you can not see exact keyword referrals you have no business using the broad match type! (<—And I rarely use exclamation points or blog the same topic twice!!!) This trick has become the most important keyword research tool I use after a campaigns launch (I use a few methods of keyword research to set up Ad Groups including the Google Keyword Tool).
  • TWO Star Wars fans yesterday formed a rebel alliance — with a wedding themed on the classic sci-fi films. Groom Duncan Thomson dressed as space hero Han Solo while Sammi Gardiner turned out as Princess Leia. Sammi’s meteorite ring was engraved: "May the 4th be with you" — in tribute to the line: "May the force be with you." A supporting cast of 50 Jedis and Sith Lords saw Chewbacca as best man, while Darth Vader made a speech.
  • EMPIRE17.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)
  • Institute for Interactive Research
  • If you use FTP today, I'd like to start a conversation about whether this is the right approach for your blog. I've been talking with bloggers over the last couple weeks on this subject, and have found most users, when presented with the option of hosting their blog using Blogger's Custom Domain option instead of FTP, find Custom Domains to be a far superior option. That's not to say there aren't compelling reasons to stick with FTP, so I'm not interested at this point in trying to convince everyone to switch over to Custom Domains. But I do think it is preferable for most of you still using FTP, and hopefully this post will help lay out why.
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