links for 2009-04-22

  • Google me? I'll Google you! Google has become the de facto public record these days but most people remain in relative obscurity there and/or fear of what past indiscretions Google will expose to people who search for them. Today Google released a product, called Google Me, that aims to change all of that. For a price – though not a monetary one.
  • Network Solutions announces a discount on the purchase of multiple ecommerce shopping carts. Customers now receive 20% off of each additional shopping cart after an initial purchase. April 21, 2009 – Leading ecommerce software provider and domain name pioneer Network Solutions® announces a new deal offering discounts to businesses looking to set up multiple online stores. Network Solutions customers can now get 20% off each additional ecommerce shopping cart after the purchase of their first. There are a number of business benefits to having multiple online shopping carts. If the business is divided by geographical regions, serving each area with an ecommerce store can target customers more specifically. Also, a company with a number of different product lines might want to set up a shopping cart for each. New branding initiatives can also benefit from new ecommerce shopping carts. “There are a number of reasons for a business to have multiple shopping carts,”
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