links for 2009-03-06

  • Search our directory to locate wireless service. You can browse by a specific address, a city, state, country, airport or zip code to find nearby access points.
  • Like most Americans, I use Google's search engine several times a day without so much as a second thought. It was only in 2007 that my company's relationship with Google, Inc. temporarily escalated to that of a full-fledged customer, when Think Computer Corporation became yet another a Google AdWords advertiser. (AdWords advertisements appear on the right side of the main Google search results.) Sadly, the several ad campaigns we tried during this brief experiment failed miserably to bring in any new revenue, and so I personally went back to being just another user of Google's search service — at least until March, 2008. That's when my company signed up for the flip side of Google's advertising juggernaut: AdSense. In anticipation of a new product, Think had acquired a brand new domain name that was unexpectedly receiving a high volume of internet traffic. Instead of paying Google for Think's ads, I thought it might make more sense for Think to get paid for displaying Google's.
  • Finally! I’m so tired of the lack of Star Wars tie-ins. Do you know that there is no Star Wars brand drinking water? Even people long, long ago got thirsty. Heck, they had a whole planet of ice. That stuff would be pretty good if you could melt it down and filter out all the exploded droid parts and abominable snowman dung. “Hoth Ice” bottled water. Catchy, huh? I’m also really sad that I can’t buy any Bothan soap, Twi’lek moisturizer, Imperial hedge trimmers, or Wookie toothbrushes. Just think of all the products we’re missing out on. But at least I can enjoy a sensible Star Wars based exercise program. I wonder if the Jedi did Yoga?
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