links for 2009-02-17

  • CSS is the thing that makes websites beautiful, without CSS everything would look sad and unatractive. This is why I have decided to compile the top 60 CSS tools to reduce your work load.
  • “Excellence is not a skill. Its an attitude.” So, give your blog some attitude by applying our all new WordPress theme – Excellence. This is a green-colored theme that comes with validated CSS/XHTML code, 125×125 banner space, Sidebar Tabs, Widgetized sidebars and a cute navigation menu. The theme is free of cost and comes under a Creative Commons License (that allows you to make changes and use this theme for personal use, without removing the footer copyright link). Excellence has been tested with Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Opera browsers without any problems. The theme is also compatible with WP 2.7 and above.
  • I know other movie geeks are going to have disagreements and that’s fine. And yes, I know some of these movies went more than 3 sequels, but none were ever meant to. These are rated purely on my enjoyment level on each film and nothing else. Frankly I’m surprised by how many sequels were better than the original. And I’m not surprised that the 3rd movie is never the best.
  • The Honda FC concept car Totally Looks Like a Clone Trooper from Star Wars
  • 9407ba9e-dd67-43ba-9830-906b433fcf22Shashi Bellamkonda SEO 2007 I had the opportunity to do a quick phone chat with Shashi Bellamkonda, Network Solutions' "Swami of Social Media," earlier today to get his reactions to the GoDaddy Superbowl 2009 ad debaucle. My intent was not to sensationalize or stir up controversy, but to try and view this issue through Shashi's eyes as well as to see what lessons could be learned and best practices gleaned. To give you some background, GoDaddy rolled out their usual tasteless, cheap, tawdry, tittilating, sexist, demeaning to women, <insert adjective of your choosing> ads, which featured Indycar driver Danica Patrick and other females showing off certain parts of their anatomy. (BTW, Patrick is an Indycar driver, not NASCAR driver.) A few years ago, it had shock value… you know, the first time they tried it… but, now, not so much.
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  • 32 Indispensable Bookmarklets for Web Developers and Designers All of these bookmarklets/favelets will be useful to all web designers and developers, they are the quickest method for testing, analyzing and tweaking any web page.
  • Working with HTML and CSS can be quite time-consuming sometimes, there is of course CSS frameworks to help you save time with your design base, but also all kind of tools that help you to save time with specific functions.
  • A new movie is coming out and it's called The People vs. George Lucas . It seems some former fans and other hater's of his movies are joining up to talk about the effect of George Lucas on the world. Now, if you don't embrace Star Wars, I can be sure to say it's been shoved down your throat no matter where you are. Whether it's Burger King action figures, the force FX wielding teenagers at the mall, or the consistency of movies and games coming out. Some are getting sick of Lucas! According to The People Vs George Lucas, "Featuring (to date) the legendary Gary Kurtz, Sandy Lieberson (former Head of Production at 20th Century Fox), Dale Pollock (author of SKYWALKING), Producer Anthony Waye (JAMES BOND 007), David Prowse OBE (aka Darth Vader), as well as top critics and writers Wendy Ide (THE TIMES), Ian Freer (EMPIRE MAGAZINE), Todd Hanson (THE ONION), Glenn Kenny (formerly with PREMIERE) and Joe Leydon (JOE LEYDON’S GUIDE TO ESSENTIAL MOVIES YOU MUST SEE),
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