links for 2008-12-18

  • Imagine you’re a young child at the Dodge Renaissance Academy, a predominantly black school in Chicago. You’re going about your regular day, learning about decimals, which is boring and, you suspect, not important. You’re probably staring aimlessly around the classroom and daydreaming about dinosaurs, maybe wishing you had some Dunk-a-roos. Then, suddenly, the greatest, coolest, most important person in the world, the guy you see on TV all the time, and that your parents talk about at the dinner table and voted for and were jubilant over when he won, actually walks in your classroom. And he’s answering your questions! Well, now the whole day has turned completely around. This is great! President Obama mentions how he wants to teach his daughters responsibility with their dog, that “if they do their business, if they got some poop, you gotta make sure that you're not just leaving it there.” Ha-ha! He said poop! Ha-ha! Someone unexpectedly passes you a packet of Dunk-a-roos.
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