links for 2008-12-13

  • It never was my intention to attack anyone personally…. My sights were set on correcting some obvious misconceptions. It was a focused attack on ignorance but with some unsolicited commentary on a particular group.
  • Hello everyone. I just wanted to create a blog to share my knowledge about e-commerce with the rest of the world. I've been involved in e-commerce for about 5 years now, and I've learned quite a bit throughout the process. I'll get to that stuff later. For now, I want to give you a background of my experience of going from a small company to a large corporation. I started out working for a company called MonsterCommerce back in January of 2003. I started when they brought tech support in house, and was one of 13 people working there at the time. I have been through the struggles of a small company, and helped it develop into a medium-sized business with a couple hundred employees. I've seen all the growing pains associated with that development. For those of you that don't know, MonsterCommerce was purchased by the giant company of Network Solutions in 2006, and a lot has changed since then as well.
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