links for 2008-12-10

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  • Yesterday we dug out a cool slideshow which tries to tell us, in a mere 34 slides, everything there is to know about Google. It’s not the only Google-related slideshow out there, though; in fact, we’ve found dozens of them. Here’s a selection of ten we’ve found to be either very useful or interesting.
  • I've long been interested in the concept of A/B testing (Also called split testing). It's a simple concept that should sit will with most mathematically-inclined types: You have a baseline interface in which you adjust a single variable, at random, for each user that visits your application. After a given amount of time you should be able to see if certain variables affect how your users behave (either negatively or positively). A product was recently released called SnapAds which allows its users (advertisers) to permute different variations of an ad and display different versions to users, based upon how well they perform over time. But that's not what I was interested in, specifically (even though it is a cool idea). The team that created this also created another product a while back that never saw a full release: Genetify.
  • Convert PDF Document to Word
  • While Google has been tightening its belt in some areas, attempting to photograph every square inch of the world for its Street View product doesn’t appear to be one of them. The company pushed out a massive update today, doubling the amount of terrain covered in the US. In addition to incorporating street level photos from Memphis, Birmingham, and Charleston, Google added photos from several whole states that previously hadn’t been touched: Maine, West Virginia, and North and South Dakota. Here’s a look at Street View’s current coverage across America:
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