links for 2008-12-01

  • The Cloak sits between your computer and any web sites you visit. It prevents the web sites you visit from finding out who you are. And it can use the standard SSL protocol to encrypt all communication from your browser, so that no one (except for the-Cloak) knows where you are surfing. The following figures illustrates the concept:
  • BackFox is here to defend your anonymity online! Browse the web through our server to get past pesky url or ip based filters!
  • Proxify® anonymous proxy protects your online privacy. Start surfing anonymously by entering a URL (Web address) below
  • Proxify® anonymous proxy protects your online privacy. Start surfing anonymously by entering a URL (Web address) below
  • After so many shoddy sites, pop-up windows and forced registrations, the truth is that if people don't find your website easy to use, they won't come back. Worse, they'll tell their friends just how clueless you are. The answer is, of course, to design everything around the needs of your users. We've known this for years, but there's still resistance to even the most basic usability testing. Excuses, excuses "The site makes sense to me," designers will say. "I don't need to test it with other people." Ah, but you're very different to your users, which means it's dangerous to assume they'll use a website in the same way as you – particularly if you've just spent months building it and learning all its quirks. Another excuse people use for not testing is: "We can just use focus groups/market research." But we're talking about two very different things here. Market research is really about "How can I attract customers?"
  • Your business’ blog doesn’t have to look boring or childish. If you’re going to use your blog as a tool to promote your business, you need it to have a clean, professional, corporate look. Here’s a round up of 20 of the best free corporate WordPress themes available. Preview them and if you find one of your taste, go ahead and download it. While some of them are free for personal use, others may be subject to a small one time fee for professional use. Please visit their authors’ sites, available at the “Info & Download” link, to learn more about each of these themes.
  • Free File Rename Utility for Windows. Rename multiple files with the click of a button. Batch renaming made easy.
  • With your BitTorrent addiction in full swing, you've filled hard drives with media but can't seem to figure out how to burn any of the videos you downloaded to a DVD. Sound familiar? It's a common problem, and there was a time that it didn't have many simple (or free) solutions. Luckily that's no longer the case, and today we're taking a look at two dead simple solutions for burning virtually any video to a DVD you can pop into your DVD player and enjoy.
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