links for 2008-11-26

  • It’s that time of year when we reflect on what we are thankful for in our lives. The power of the internet continues to grow and mature in ways that help web designers do more with less money and less time. So lets break up why designers are thankful for the web into bite size chunks with very little “stuffing.”
  • Easton Maudit church yard – by R Neil Marshman (c)
  • Once upon a time, before he became a brilliant movie actor with an Oscar and dozens of films under his belt, Morgan Freeman was known to a generation of children as the Easy Reader, Count Dracula, and hosts of other characters on The Electric Company. From 1971-77, The Electric Company was a sort of hip older step-cousin to Sesame Street, and it helped teach a lot of kids how to read, or how to read better. Starting in January, an entirely new generation of kids will get their own version of the show, being developed by Sesame Workshop and to be shown on PBS Kids as part of their Raising Readers effort. There are far too many kids with poor reading skills, so it seems to me that January is not a moment too soon. The new version won't look like the old one, but that's only natural—the old one was very much a 1970s show, with references to things that many adults today would have trouble remembering, let alone kids.
  • Don't spend Black Friday jostling for bargains and parking spots. Instead, visit for Black Friday specials and great deals all week long from the convenience (and comfort) of your keyboard.
  • The speed at which your blog loads is critical to attracting more readers to your blog. If your blog takes a long time to load, many readers may leave your blog before they have the chance to read it. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help your blog load faster and attract more users:
  • Would you like to know how long it takes to load a webpage? This program will measure the time for you. Enter the URL to be measured and watch the top of the window. The StopWatch can only measure websites that can be displayed in a frame. Some websites use javascript to break out of frames. This is not a StopWatch bug.
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