links for 2008-10-20

  • This game while good, doesn't really have much that makes it spectacular. If you want a Star Wars themed RTS, then this is a good start. It will play like A.o.E., so it won't take long to get going. Naturally there are Hero units. The building of fighter craft, Naval vessels and Jedi/Sith units are basically what makes this stand out from some RTS games. Anyway the gameplay is solid and the game story works within the confines of the Star Wars universe. Plus providing some background stories for movies 4, 5 and 6. Unfortunately, this game(like most) suffers from the inevitable repetitiveness and boredom that occurs from playing it for too long. The Map editor or Scenario editor, is a great way to breathe life into the game if you've gotten bored with it. There are cheats that can make it a bit more interesting as well. It has just about everything there to use. Considering all the units and characters available, experiment with it.
  • It can seem difficult to explain to the uninitiated the steps needed to get a website online. It's not actually difficult, but there is a checklist of things that should be followed each time and it can be confusing to navigate. Here is a video that Network Solutions put together that makes it much clearer.
  • Monster is part of the domain registrar Network Solutions. It appears to be in the midst of migrating to a more cleaned up and modern interface. Whether old or new, however, they provide a broad range of cart functionality, for example, the ability to handle variants and map quantities to each type of variant. If you sell a shirt in three sizes, you can set prices for each size shirt and track quantities as they're sold. To set up your page design in Monster, you select the HTML and Layout links on the left side of the old interface, the Design tab on their new interface. There are many design sub options. However, for example, in their older interface, it should be fairly obvious that the HTML for the top of your pages is pasted into the Top of Page HTML Editor page. The Layout options are primarily settings that you define for your cart overall, for example, color schemes.
  • Soft Drink Can Generator
  • This room was quite a project (big by my standards, anyways). The point of this room (pun intended) was to get the kids into a closed room, then have spikes emerge from the ceiling and have the ceiling start to lower downward. It required a sturdy 4' x 7' x 10' frame, thirteen carved foam-cast skulls, 26 flexible foam spikes and a false ceiling. I almost gave up on the project because, of all things, I couldn't find a good way to make the spikes. Eventually, I figured out a way that worked. The finished room was a big hit and really creapy. Well worth the effort.
  • Our Search Engine Spider Simulator strips out the HTML tags from the page you specify and shows you how the page would look to search engine spiders.
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