links for 2008-10-14

  • I can’t believe a new feature from Google isn’t getting more notice, because it converts already-existing links to your site into much higher quality links, for free. The Google webmaster blog just announced that you can find the pages that link to 404 pages on your site. Let me back up and give you a little history. When someone comes to your site’s webserver and asks for a page that doesn’t exist, like , most web servers are configured to return an HTTP status code of 404, which means that the page was “Not Found.” If someone links to a page on your site that doesn’t exist, most webservers give a pretty sucky experience: visitors usually land on a pretty useless page, and search engines might not give you full credit for those 404 errors. Now Google’s webmaster portal lets you see who is linking to your 404 pages. Once you register your site, click on Diagnostics, then Web crawl, and select “Not found”. You’ll see something like this:
  • Last week in our quest for de-junking the spaces around us, we walked through cleaning a workstation and keeping it that way. This week, we're taking on a more personal, and often intimidating, space: The home. Personal because it is, after all, your home, and intimidating because it's the place you don't have to keep clean—until somebody's coming to visit. For anyone looking to cut back on clutter to create more living space (and space for awesome projects), read on for tips on putting your house in order. Photo by Carey Tilden.
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  • You already know about all of the different ways to watch TV online. Now you just want links to your favorite shows (plus all those new ones) as quickly as possible so you can ditch your TiVo and TV once and for all. Our Internet TV remote has the best links to every prime-time show currently streaming online at full length. Bookmark it and check back often, we'll update it as new shows come out… Note: Many of these streams will not work outside of the US, but if you're out of the country and need your fix, you know where to go without any help from us.
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