links for 2008-10-10

  • It's an epidemic. It can strike anyone. It begins harmlessly enough… maybe with a cell phone, an online social network profile, or an IM. But before long, the electronic screens invade every corner of your life. There's a name for this tragic and extremely annoying condition: Screen Addiction. But there is hope. Send an intervention to someone you care about! Help them take the first step towards recovery.
  • Internet advertising is a strange beast. Some of the most popular ads play directly off our insecurities – that we’re fat, that we’re lonely, or that our penis is far too small. The immediate emotional response to what basically amounts to a controlled insult online can gall you into the all important “click” of the ad. While this emotional manipulation is effective, it doesn’t give you the ability to completely half ass your campaign and still expect no one to call you on it. I saw this ad online recently:
  • Blues Traveler Tabs , Blues Traveler Chords Please, support Blues Traveler
  • How to Advertise Windows Vista (comic)
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