links for 2008-07-01

  • On the edge, windowsill Ponders his maker, ponders his will To the street below, he just aint nothin But hes got a great view, and he sinks the needle deep, yeah… Whoa, cant touch the bottom In too deep, yeah…oh, cant touch the bottom Oh, o
  • This system is designed around the idea that the armies are of relatively equal level and ability. If you have Orcish Warriors with great axes vs. Peasants with semi-sharp sticks, you need to either accept that the peasants are going to equal to the Orcs
  • Wizards of the Coast was not originally going to release a conversion guide to 4th edition (currently available in a BOX SET from for only $62.97) from 3rd edition. However, they seem to have bowed to pressure from the fans. Read a more detaile
  • I figured I’d check it out today, and it turns out that the new version is available for pre-order on Amazon. Check out the Dungeons and Dragons Fourth right away. I’m still catching up with the 3rd edition books that I wanted, so I’m no
  • Let’s try it out, shall we? Looking around the Seamist-Inn this afternoon, you can see the usual cast of shady and unsavory characters sitting in the various booths and spread out at the bar.
  • The release of The Dark Knight is only a few weeks away, and lead-up hype has reached a fever pitch. I can tell because a picture of Christian Bale is on the cover of my latest issue of Tiger Beat. And while the massive success of the first film, Heath Le
  • Gotham Cable News brings us the full tabloid report on playboy Bruce Wayne. Taking a note from flashy entertainment news shows, this detailed report on the scion of the Wayne family catches us all the way up to the new penthouse digs of the billionaire. T
  • Campaign Classics returns to Dragon with these hazards from the desert world of Athas. Traveling any desert is risky, but on Athas, as if the heat, sun, and sand weren’t enough, travelers would be warned to keep an eye out for plants like these: the dew
  • Well-known names include Ecommerce from Network Solutions (the popular MonsterCommerce software became part of Network Solutions in 2006), OsCommerce, Shopify, Virtuemart, Volusion, Zen Cart – and there’s still plenty more.
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