links for 2008-06-11

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  • These pictures are absolutely mind blowingly good.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vital component of any website. As a web designer or blogger, it’s important you understand how SEO works. Here are ten easy rules that will immediately improve the SEO on all of your web sites.
  • Water is having a significant impact on many people’s lives around the world right now. From droughts to quake lakes, floods to monsoons, people and animals are dealing with water in many ways. In these recent photos, we can see people play, wash, mourn,
  • STUDIO CITY, California (AP) — One recent week, William Shatner did something he hadn’t done for many years — watched the original “Star Trek.” It was kind of an accident.
  • Last Wednesday, Metallica invited several bloggers to a “listening party” in London for its upcoming album. Now, “listening parties” are public relations stunts. Anybody who’s been in this business for longer than a week knows that PR companies
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