links for 2008-06-03

  • Researchers at the University of Calgary have for the first time found a link between heat stress on babies and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Led by Dr. Shabih Hasan, a professor of pediatrics at the U of C and a neonatologist with the Calgary Heal
  • The very first step in moving markup into modern form is to make it well-formed. Well-formedness is the basis of the huge and incredibly powerful XML tool chain. Well-formedness guarantees a single unique tree structure for the document that can be operat
  • CTRL+ALT+DEL – by Tim Buckley – “Loss”
  • A lot of fuss has been made about the upcoming GI Joe movie – the most high-profile film about a man with no testicles and swivelly eyes since whatever Orlando Bloom was in last. However, is GI Joe actually going to be any good? Hardly, because a) it’s
  • The ‘Cisco On-Stage TelePresence Experience’ was an ambitious collaboration between Cisco and Musion Systems, which took place during the opening of Cisco’s Globalization Centre East in Bangalore, India. Musion seamlessly integrated their 3D hologra
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