links for 2008-05-19

  • Procrastination feeds on distractions. Most people find it uncomfortable just to sit and do nothing; you avoid work by doing something else. So one way to beat procrastination is to starve it of distractions. But that’s not as straightforward as it sounds
  • For this week’s contest you’ll have to use your lens like a straw and slurp up every last drop of your subject: water. Use the Reddit widget below to submit your best water photo and vote for your favorite among the other submissions. The 10 highest-ranke
  • “Rock star physicist” Brian Cox talks about his work on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Discussing the biggest of big science in an engaging, accessible way, Cox brings us along on a tour of the massive project.
  • It’s no surprise to us that last month’s champion–Canon’s Digital IXUS 80 IS–is leader again. The last time we checked, a handful of ladies we knew were touting this shooter. From the same company, the IXUS 860 IS has retained its second place. Sony’s p
  • Two weeks ago my personal blog (StorageMojo) was hacked. Turns out that Google can be a bigger problem than the hackers. Here’s how it works and tips on protecting yourself. “Don’t be evil” is a pretty low bar There’s been a lot of blog hacking
  • “Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a device that lets a standard digital camera take pictures with a resolution of 1-gigapixel (1,000-megapixels). The Gigapan is a robotic arm that takes multiple pictures of the same scene and blends
  • Cameras in mobile phones are well past being a low-grade gimmick. The quality of camera-phone images has increased significantly, and the sheer convenience makes cameras an indispensable feature in mobile phones today. Introduction Camera-phones, like mos
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