links for 2008-05-06

  • MyShirtcity will give you, an individual, or your business, the opportunity to create your own products and collections and sell them online. MyShirtcity will provide a suitable online shop and a wide range of imprintable products for your use. There is a
  • It’s Victoria Day in Canada today. Well – sort of. The holiday was originally celebrated on May 24th but an amendment to the Statutes of Canada in 1952 moved the holiday to the Monday before 25 May. So this year it was celebrated on the 22nd. Either way,
  • It can be a little daunting to think about all your major savings goals at one time. There’s the massive retirement fund that you want to build, which never seems to get big enough. There’s the emergency account that should be filled with at least enough
  • With e-commerce webdesign really starting to take off, its never been more important to choose a platform which suits you as a developer (i.e. one that you can support) and one that will provide your clients with the features that they need to run a succe
  • We do a great deal of eCommerce research, design and development for clients, and one design element I am always fascinated by are progress bars. A progress bar is one of those “best practices” for a checkout process, which shows the user how many ste
  • Wigix is the new way to buy and sell online. It’s a socially-driven marketplace, where you can communicate with like-minded collectors and traders. Get a live pricing history for each item and negotiate prices intelligently. Social communication encourage
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