links for 2008-05-03

  • The 5th annual Games for Change Festival is coming up soon, and while I don’t think it is in the Mission to Learn budget for me to attend, it seems like a good time to poke around and see what sorts of educational games might be out there that are geare
  • We knew that there was a motorized, fully-articulated R2-D2 projector with built-in DVD, iPod dock, all kinds of digital media inputs, and Millennium Falcon remote control, but we never—EVER—imagined it would be so amazingly drooltastic as this video
  • At issue is a growing trend in which ISPs subvert the Domain Name System, or DNS, which translates website names into numeric addresses. When users visit a website like, the DNS system maps the domain name into an IP address such as
  • Like haiku poets, we can embrace limitations, and in so doing create beautiful designs. We can choose to understand the limitations of the mediums we work within. We can also impose artificial limitations, by placing structured restrictions on our work, i
  • NASA invites people of all ages to join the lunar exploration journey with an opportunity to send their names to the moon aboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, spacecraft. The Send Your Name to the Moon Web site enables everyone to participate
  • Okay, so you went and “re-organized” your web site and in the process completely screwed up all the URLs that used to be there. But, c’mon, man, haven’t you heard of Apache redirects (and their equivalents for other web servers)? In my opinion, part of an
  • So, I got to thinking, why was this such a “big change” for him? I think its because we’ve been stuck in the 800×600 mentality way too long. And, with 12px fixed font sizes, fixed widths, everything was all scrunched into the middle of the screen. The new
  • James Danziger has been involved in photography for a long time. His blog “The Year in Pictures” is a record of photographs (and a few other things) that have captured his attention.
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