links for 2008-04-23

  • Bad content, bad links, bad navigation, bad category pages… which is worst for business? In these examples, bad content takes the prize for costing the company the most money.
  • World cereal stocks are at an all-time low, food-aid programmes have run out of money and millions face starvation. Yet wealthy countries persist with plans to use grain for petrol. Plus Iain Macwhirter on how food prices are rocketing. The irony is extra
  • CSS can powerfully open the doors to a lot of rich and unique techniques. Today we are presenting a round-up of CSS coding, creative approaches and techniques. Definitely worth taking a very close look at! We also included some basic techniques you can pr
  • Bellow I provide links for almost 40 of the best online books I was able to locate through a few quick searches on google. To the best of my knowledge, these were either all posted online by their authors and copyright holds or are currently in the public
  • share free sound effects and loops
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