links for 2008-02-20

  • When we became grandparents a whole new world opened up to us. Kidproteq was conceived when Sasha was less than a week old. Thanks to our children Dana and Mike (Sasha’s Mom & Dad) we learned that baby and child safety have come a long way since my hu
  • There’s something about a ten-item list that makes us want to get all Hestonian on you and break out the archaic pronouns, especially when it comes to something like getting people who visit your site to actually buy from you. After all, you work hard t
  • Enter a URL and a key-phrase – we’ll check the major search engines and let you know where you are placed.
  • Given a choice, Richard Valiton would have grown up to be a Jedi knight. However, the Rebel Alliance wasn’t hiring, so the Helena native did the next best thing.
  • February 18, 2008 – A Valuable Lesson
  • My name is Mark and this is, home of my various software projects: Web Album Generator, Citrus Alarm Clock, and Araneae.
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