links for 2008-01-31

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  • A confidential informant says Google will stop monetizing all domains if they are less then five days old. This potential new policy change by Google could stop all Domain Tasting in its tracks. The Add Grace Period (AGP) is a time period when registrars
  • One of the most common questions I hear from bloggers and businesses that blog, is ‘How can I grow my blog’s traffic?’ This is a valid question, but bloggers shouldn’t forget to focus on their blog’s subscribers as well. Over the last year, I have seen fi
  • So, how will domain names fare in a recession?
  • The Question: I’m starting a new site and have no idea what I should do for software. Do I need to use a content management system, and if so, how do I make sure it’s SEO-friendly? The Answer: It depends…
  • On the web, as in life, the only constant rule is that nothing is constant and all things must change. However, on the web, when things need to change, or, in our case, move, specifically from one URL to another, there are critical best practices to obser
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