links for 2008-01-26

  • The quest for an online e-commerce solution makes “War and Peace” seem short and pithy.
  • Input Director is a Windows application that lets you control multiple Windows systems using the keyboard/mouse attached to one computer. It is designed for folks who have two (or more) computers set up at home and find themselves regularly sliding from o
  • Absolute genious. Compiled from the phishook forums. Let’s see how many you can figure out.
  • Zero Script Capable Navigation – Visual, Pure
    • CSS Menu Design! 508 Compliant / No Hidden Links! Fully Functional in JavaScript Disabled Browsers! The Internet’s Only Visual Pure CSS Menu Tool. Use with Expression Web, CS3, PHP, ASP… Windows, Ma
  • Kiddley is brimming with bright ideas, fun projects, links to great web finds and quick tips for parents to take away and enjoy with their kids.
  • If you’re a home owner or renter, a secure inventory of your possessions should be a big part of your theft or disaster recovery plan. Having an up-to-date home inventory will help you get your home owner insurance claim settled faster, verify losses for
  • This tutorial explains how to turn an old PC with additional hard disks into a simple home file server. The file server is intended for home use. The home file server is accessible by Windows and Linux computers in the home network.
  • If you’ve been playing the MP3 game for more than a few years, you’ve probably amassed a library that’s both sizable and eclectic. It’s probably a bit messy, too, with inconsistent volume levels, missing or incorrect album art and messed-up metadata.
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