links for 2007-10-12

  • Version 1.0 of EV Certificate Guidelines ratified by leading certification authorities and vendors of Internet browser software. The CA/Browser Forum, a voluntary organization of leading certification authorities (CAs) and Internet browser software vendor
  • You ever have a folder on your computer that you really dont want any one to find? You can make this folder hidden but then you have to un-hide all the folders when ever you want to find it. So how can you make a folder truly invisible? Follow these simpl
  • Galeria 1953 a 1955
  • Actor SAMUEL L. JACKSON is baffled by STAR WARS co-star EWAN MCGREGOR’s recent attack on the sci-fi franchise – insisting his role was a dream come true. MCGregor claimed the prequels were the worst films he has ever made, but Jackson can’t understand the
  • The Adaptive Child is dedicated to developing better therapeutic solutions for special needs children who can’t get what they need from mainstream therapeutic devices. By offering a greater selection of special needs strollers, toys, clothing, learning to
  • The sequel to the internet phenomenon, Ryan vs. Dorkman.
  • In March of 2005, Google acquired Urchin Software Corporation, a San Diego-based web analytics company. A few short months later, Google Analytics was unveiled, which was based on “Urchin On Demand,” Urchin’s javascript-based “Software as a Service” (SaaS
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