links for 2007-09-26

  • This is a collection of experiments, methods, tips and tricks related to CSS and XHTML that may or may not come in handy some day. Some of these techniques are based on ideas of my own, others are based on techniques, tutorials, and ideas that I’ve come
  • Everyone has to deal with difficult people, whether they are argumentative, abusive, stubborn, or combative. The question is, how can you assert your own rights without creating an unnecessary incident? In most cases, angry people are screaming to be hear
  • Have you always been reliant on others’ templates for your blog or website? You’d like to customize them, but you’re just not sure how? Perhaps it’s time to finally wrestle with the secrets of CSS. This collection of CSS-related links should be a
  • PhpGedView is a revolutionary genealogy program which allows you to view and edit your genealogy on your website. PhpGedView has full editing capabilities, full privacy functions, can import from GEDCOM files, and supports multimedia like photos and docum
  • Thunderstruck tab by Ac Dc at Ultimate-Guitar.Com, tabbed by supernova_x51
  • Random Photo Sets: ” Ship Abandoned in the Desert “
  • performed by play! a video game symphony 2006-05-14 recorded by: djuret
  • This Sunday (March 19th) Oregon Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra performed at the Mt Angel Performing Arts Center. The Trombone section took the opportunity to perform a Super Mario Theme music arrangement made by one of the members of the trombone section of o
  • Welcome to diggkiller (also resolves here), a sick 2-D shooter that implements the digg api. I made it in the months I’ve been unemployed. If you want to see the progress and various builds of the game, click here. If you feel like conta
  • A research team led by professor Masayuki Sumida at Hiroshima University’s Institute for Amphibian Biology has created a type of transparent frog whose internal organs are visible through its skin. The researchers say the see-through frogs can help in t
  • The date is 1 September 1983 and the Cold War between the Soviet Union and USA is in full gear, when from the New York skies Korean Air Lines Flight 007 flies from JFK, destination Seoul, South Korea. In the middle of the flight, while accidently passing
  • Sept. 21, 2007 — Get out your Martian spelunking gear: NASA has found what appear to be seven cave entrances on Mars. The Mars Odyssey spacecraft relayed images of the dark, nearly perfectly circular features ranging in diameter from 328 to 820 feet. At
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