links for 2007-09-18

  • With all of the stories last month about various companies or organizations trying to edit Wikipedia to their own advantage, many Wikipedia haters used it as evidence as to why Wikipedia was no good. However, some are realizing exactly the opposite. Jerem
  • What can I say about these fantastic mishaps? Nothing! So just watch them…
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  • DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: CELEBRATING 30 YEARS OF VERY STUPID MONSTERS. Warning: This article is very geeky. If you aren’t familiar with D&D, I suggest skipping all the text until you see a picture of sea lion. You’ll know it when you see it, trust m
  • [Seraph Inn] Congratulations to Vi Hart, winner of the Fanmusic section! In the composer’s words: “The piece brings together the music of the three races found in the Inverloch world: Da’kor, humans, and elves. It starts with a traditional Da’kor song tha
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