links for 2007-08-10

  • Well, the smart folks over at the Rorta forums seem to have cracked the code, using Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player 11, FairUse4WM, and Notepad. The solution involves finding the URL of the video file, downloading it, acquiring the license key and
  • 27 Aquatic lifeforms you never caught while fishing
  • Random entertaining stories of life as a traffic cop.
  • What can you do with a million images? In this paper we present a new image completion algorithm powered by a huge database of photographs gathered from the Web. The algorithm patches up holes in images by finding similar image regions in the database tha
  • VioLet Composer is a tool for writing music from scratch using only a single x86 compatible PC with a soundcard. Besides providing a complete composing toolkit in one application, VioLet Composer has the following advantages over other products:
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