links for 2007-07-27

  • Unless Congress immediately impeaches Bush and Cheney, a year from now the US could be a dictatorial police state at war with Iran. Bush has put in place all the necessary measures for dictatorship in the form of “executive orders” that are triggered when
  • Get familiar with the ins and outs of your Registry. It’s an essential part of the Microsoft Windows operating system, and if you speak its language, you can enable all sorts of neat features and customize functions just the way you like them. Here are 15
  • These are posts from a special 43 Folders series looking at the skills, tools, and attitude needed to empty your email inbox — and then keep it that way. You can visit each of the posts by clicking the title.
  • Merlin Mann, a well known productivity guru and creator of the popular 43 folders website will talk about Getting Things Done, the importance of getting your inbox to zero, and strategies for dealing with high volume email.
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