links for 2007-05-23

  • Author Archive – In addition to Web 2.0 in the Enterprise Today, Web 2.0 Expo had a panel on Web 2.0 for the Enterprise: Is it soup yet? hosted by Dan Farber of ZDNet. Out of the discussion arose some interesting themes: Web 2.0 is about collaboration
  • Uncover the Legend – Memorial Day @ 9pm – Thirty years ago, an unheralded film known as Star Wars opened in theaters and took audiences on a groundbreaking journey to a galaxy far, far away. It instantly seized the public’s imagination, and three decades
  • Why your cool church web site needs (the new) Google Analytics
  • Mazzy Star – Fade into you
  • Counting down to Friday’s 30th anniversary of Star Wars, we at Wired want to see proof of your fanhood. That includes art, snapshots of your DIY creations, pictures of you in costume, collector’s items — if we like it, we’ll post it in a front page ph
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