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  • Created in 1986 when I graduated Navy Dive School and all they had at that time was a one-color Xerox copy of a diving diploma. I vowed to create a cool one one day ! Granted, it took me 20 years, but some things take time. Click the image to the right t
  • Submersible was founded to make the music creation process easier. We’re a group of musicians, composers, engineers and producers. We also happen to be business folks, software engineers, studio managers, product designers and marketing types with backgro
  • for easy to follow guitar lessons.Easy to understand, step by step guitar instruction. Lessons all levels, from beginner to advanced techniques Guitar Lesson blues traveler but anyway
  • Instruction From Beginner to Expert – This website is designed to help take any guitarist to the next level. We have online video guitar lessons starting for people with no experience to Advanced players looking for inspiration . Important: Please email u
  • Image Spam—an e-mail solicitation that uses graphical images of text to avoid filters—is not new. Recently, though, it reached an unprecedented level of sophistication and took off. A year ago, fewer than five out of 100 e-mails were image spam, accor
  • I was looking over the shoulder of another designer who wanted a box with a headline and copy, and wanted the entire thing to be clickable. Here are some thoughts on marking this up. As a brief aside, I started looking for this effect on other web sites s
  • With a new Vatican report, the Pope finally sends unbaptized babies to heaven—and signals that he may be less conservative than his image suggests.
  • For many parents in the United States, the idea of potty training before a baby is able to walk, or even before age 2, is not just horrifying but reprehensible – a sure nightmare for parents and baby, not to mention a direct route from the crib to the psy
  • Images, news results and videos will show up on different parts of the page depending on what you’re searching for. The different elements will be arranged on the page based on relevancy. Search for “Los Angeles” and you’ll see maps, images and news resul
  • Welcome to StrategyWiki, a collaborative and freely-licensed wiki which seeks to become the largest source for video game strategy guides and walkthroughs! The guides here can be edited by anyone, so feel free to jump in and improve something!
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