links for 2007-04-26

  • James Brown – The Boss
  • Disney’s Magical Marches
  • Welcome to CSS slicing guide, your number one source for learning how to turn a Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or Fireworks template into a fully sliced, coded and XHTML and CSS valid web page. This site is a free resource for the budding web designer looking
  • Once in a while, Gizmodo comes across that rare object, that invention that showcases the amazing nature of human genius and the never-ending quest for perfection that lifts the spirits of every man and woman in the planet. That gadget is clearly not the
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  • STAR WARS – Darth Vader Mask – With Voice Box
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  • So you’re out in the woods hiking alone, and you want to cook some Ramen. Dang, you forgot your matches. And your lighter. But you’ve got a condom and some water. Think you can start a fire? This guy can.
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