links for 2007-04-09

  • Got a photo you just adore and want a unique way to show it off? Behold! Photo Pop-Outs! Gather up a bit of foam core, a bit of tape, a knife, and 20 minutes and we’ll show you how to give your photos an eye-popping 3D effect — no special glasses requ
  • Star Wars fans have long thought of May as the birth-month of their beloved saga, and in 2008, they’ll be welcoming a globetrotting archeologist to the party. While May 2007 marks the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, May 2008 marks the return of Indiana Jon
  • Patrick Stewart is awesome
  • It’s not always wise to upgrade your hardware every time you feel your computer is getting slow. In face, according to my opinion Microsoft operating systems have a tendency to slow computer sown when you have a lop of programs installed. In this tutorial
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