links for 2007-03-15

  • Ready to carve yourself a thin slice of that tasty cyberspace pie? Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) wants to help. The search engine champ is teaming up with GoDaddy and eNom to begin selling annual domain registrations for $10 a pop as a move to help stir up some i
  • Johnny Cash – Redemption Song.mp3
  • Michael Jackson – Thriller
  • Robert Renman – I play the guitar. I live in Camrose, Alberta, Canada. I’m a musician, guitar teacher, a long distance runner, a dad, a web designer, a fly fisherman and I love coffee. Playing a Reverend Rocco at Scalliwags My website has many guitar vide
  • Blues Jam track in the key of E.
  • You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon – 1986 Graceland
  • St. Judy’s Comet – Paul Simon – 1973 There Goes Rhymin’ Simon // 1988 Negotiations and Love Songs
  • A Hardware Store is coming to Gadgetstan! Make sure you get everything you need!
  • Sometimes one word just isn’t enough to know what a tag really means. For example, when I was working as an IT administrator for a non-profit agency, I was scrambling to find a free or low-cost tracking system I could use to manage their IT issues in a sa
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