links for 2007-03-07

  • Welcome to the official Dragonlance Movie Site. Since 1995 DLMS has been a forum for the discussion of all things relating to movies based on Wizards of the Coast’s Dragonlance fantasy gaming world, brought to life in the novels of Margaret Weis and Tracy
  • Scientists have finally exceeded the speed of light, causing a light pulse to travel hundreds of times faster than normal. It raced so fast the pulse exited a specially-prepared chamber before it even finished entering it. The experiment is the first-ever
  • The original Windows PowerToys are extra goodies that simply should have been part of Windows 95 at the beginning. The designers of the Windows 95 shell wrote them for their own use initially, and later were permitted to post them as free, unsupported add
  • X-Files Theme Song – Television Show
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