links for 2007-01-29

  • Please welcome ‘Vader’, a K2-based ‘design’ (not that I want to inflate the word ‘design’, but ‘color palette’ is a bit weak, yes?), which will help me bring Binary Bonsai up to speed as well as test among other things the pages functional
  • DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) – The Internet is set to revolutionize television within five years, due to an explosion of online video content and the merging of PCs and TV sets, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said on Saturday. “I’m stunned how people aren’
  • Welcome to Explorations in Science with Dr. Michio Kaku
  • Dr. Michio Kaku is on my T.V. telling me that someday we will have cars that drive themselves. We will get in the car, sit down and simply tell the car where to go. Sit back and enjoy the ride. My response? Yeah, right! Like I’m gonna believe that crap.
  • What settings should I use to create a ‘thingy’ to feed daily links to my Blogger blog?
  • Like most A-list bloggers, I like using this little trick to ensure I get get more daily posts on my blog. Instead of simply posting every cool link I find onto my blog (which would result in a ton of daily posts), I compile all my links using
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