links for 2007-01-21

  • We got your Ajax right here.
  • The page says: Download Internet Explorer 7, the latest version of Microsoft’s new, improved, and free web browser. Yeah, but should I? Should I really?
  • In the center of everyone is a small hole that for their entire life they will strive to fill. Some fill it with drugs, some with alcohol, some with sex, some with obsessive compulsions less dangerous but no less empty in their eventual ability to satisfy
  • Find Professionals – Get the Job Done The power of a flexible workforce
  • feeds out a lot of product images, putting out the same book cover (say) in a variety of sizes and formats. By experimentation, I found that they don’t actually have all the sizes and formats stored. Instead, they have a system that generates e
  • The following is a good draft of what I would write as a simple explanation of how to create links in HTML code. This may get updated later. I will also go through the steps to add links using the built-in Blogger tools.
  • From Clicks to Clients: 12 Tips for Building a Strong Internet Portfolio If you’re a new media professional without an online portfolio, it’s time to get one started. Even if you’re in marketing or communications, it pays to put your work on the Web. Your
  • Download new and previous versions of Adobe Reader
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