links for 2006-12-28

  • This list will, of course, never be complete. If I’m missing anything, please let me know. This file has now been broken-down into RSS readers by platform:
  • is a service of Netscape Communications and Weblogs, Inc. and part of the AOL Network owned and operated by AOL, LLC, a Time-Warner company.
  • Everything posted about you online can be indexed and stored for future reference. These days, almost everyone has a “digital identity”, the collection of information someone finds when he or she searches your name. Maybe you posted on an Internet mes
  • Fight against the empire in the epic battle of Endor. Flight on the controls of an X-Wing and face hundreds of TIEs, Star Destroyers, and try to destroy the Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer ‘Executor’. Six stages of intense action.
  • Why I Never Pay For “AAA” Batteries – Yesterday on Digg, I saw an article about removing “AA” batteries from disposable cameras before turning them in. This reminded me of a clever “hack” I used to perform “in the field” when I needed a triple A battery f
  • My Netscape
  • Netscape Search Home
  • Best new concepts, worst press conferences, and other pithy observations.
  • Car pictures and videos of new cars, trucks, SUVs, hybrid cars, luxury cars, concept cars from the latest car shows and auto shows. Go here to read about the 2006 Chicago Auto Show or the 2006 Geneva Auto Show.
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