links for 2006-10-24

  • PORTLAND – May the force of Interstate 5 traffic not be with you – because this exhibit is here only through New Year’s Day. All six of George Lucas’s “Star Wars” films – from 1977’s original to 2005’s “Revenge of the Sith” – were hugely popular, and now
  • There are a ton of fonts out there, but how to separate the wheat from the chaff? Web designer Vitaly Friedman tackled this dilemma and decided to make his own list of the top best free quality fonts. These are all free fonts; however, read the fine print
  • This program isn’t fancy–but it is quick and easy to use. Drag and drop a folder onto the program’s work area, wait a few seconds (or more, if the folder’s loaded with files) and you’ll see a list of duplicate files. In a folder with 500 files, it took 3
  • OCT. 23 10:13 A.M. ET Web retailer Inc. said Monday it added an automotive parts and accessories store to its Web site, offering more than 1 million new, used and remanufactured parts. The Automotive Store, which can be found at
  • Johnny Cash (born J.R. Cash, February 26, 1932 – September 12, 2003) was an influential American country and rock ‘n’ roll singer and songwriter. Cash was the husband of country singer and songwriter June Carter Cash. Cash was known for his deep and dis
  • The best camera isn’t the one with the most features or the fanciest lens or the biggest price tag. The best camera is the one you actually carry.
  • For the Indiana Library Federation 1998 Annual Conference., Libraries at the Crossroads: Changes, Choices, & Challenges Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, 12:30 PM, Mon., April 7, 1998 Also for the MENSA Gulf Coast Regional Gathering, Sun., May
  • Dig those flash Flickr slideshows? All that’s needed is a bit of code to embed them within your website to give your readers something dynamic.
  • This is Dynamic Drive’s new CSS layouts section. Here you’ll find tableless, CSS based page templates to quickly define the skeleton of your pages.
  • Welcome to the official online archive of Computer Gaming World magazine, where you can read and download digitized versions* of the first 100 issues of the magazine, beginning with the first issue in November 1981, and then see covers of all the rest of
  • My friends, I must ask you an important question today: Where do you stand on God? It’s a question you may prefer not to be asked. But I’m afraid I have no choice. We find ourselves, this very autumn, three-and-a-half centuries after the intellectual mart
  • Many PDA users never venture beyond basic calendar and contact management, perhaps thinking that’s all the devices are good for. That’s a shame, because the modern Pocket PC (that is, a PDA running Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system) can do more
  • If you are really paranoid like I am then you have a different password for every computer login and Internet site you subscribe to. Hopefully you are not one of the many people out there that use the same password for *everything*. That’s just begging
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