links for 2006-10-18

  • Forms are an essential part of interaction on the Internet but they can look rather drab. With CSS we can position form items so they all line up nicely and add a bit of colour to jazz them up.
  • Skatalites – Bashaka – A Song for Don D.
  • The Skatalites – Bashaka – Hail Tommy McCook
  • The Skatalites – Bashaka – I Never Knew
  • The Skatalies – Bashaka – Magic Muffin
  • The Skatalites – Bashaka – Mike Lane Shuffle
  • The Skatalites – Bashaka – Oh Baby
  • The Skatalites – Bashaka – Rastamma
  • The Skatalies – Bashaka – Reach for the Sky
  • The Skatalites – Bashaka – Roland Ride Along
  • The Skatalites – Bashaka – Ska Latte
  • The Skatalites – Bashaka – Skaravan
  • The Skatalites – Bashaka – Sky Rocket
  • The Skatalites – Bashaka – Tanya
  • The Skatalites – Bashaka – What a Day
  • The Skatalites – Bashaka – Wild Honey
  • In the television series Supernatural, Dean drives this 1967 Black Impala, recently restored at the beginning of this season from a major collision during last season’s ending cliffhanger.
  • The progression of a coder learning to use CSS typically follows a predictable path. It generally starts with some study of basic CSS principals, followed by experimentation with simple pages, and then perhaps an attempt to convert an existing page to use
  • This photo was done with my Logitech web cam many months ago, at least. The only light that evening was the ambient light from my monitor. I was goofing off and trying to convey how freakishly large my eyeballs seem to be. Unfortunately, the way I’m tu
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