links for 2006-09-26

  • Q: Why do I have to “click to activate and use this control” when I roll my mouse over a Flash animation? A: This is a result of the latest update to the browsing program Internet Explorer. Microsoft recently lost a court battle with a holder of the p
  • Computer parts and accessories, ipod accessories, collectable toys and model kits
  • From Wisdom Quotes: Quotations to inspire and challenge – by Jone Johnson Lewis
  • The following sites and tools will help webmasters generate java or html that can be used to display content in rss feeds.
  • NOTICE: This is a service for a W3C approved recommendation. This version is for schema documents with the namespace URI and is being actively developed: see XSV for XML Schema 20000922 version for the no longer maintained
  • Our Sitemap Generator now supports sitemaps in ROR format (both Free Online version and Unlimited Standalone generator). ROR Sitemaps (ROR – Resources of a Resource) is an independent XML format for describing any object of your content in a generic fashi
  • Open Instant Messaging and a Whole Lot More, Powered by XMPP
  • Creators of Trillian and Trillian Pro Instant Messengers
  • CHIBA, JAPAN — After months of playing the waiting game, serious game fans among the general public finally got their hands on Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation 3 (PS3) at the Tokyo Game Show here during the weekend, and initial reactions were al
  • Go Trillian! All About Promoting Your Favorite Instant Messenger
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