links for 2006-09-01

  • We’re not often in the practice of posting music videos on our website, but we just couldn’t resist after watching the one created by the band OK Go. In this amazing movie, the band members perform a choreographed number on and around a group of treadmill
  • How can I display a menu showing my Top Products? With MonsterCommerce, you can easily and automatically create a dynamic menu that would list your top-selling products based off of current sales on your site. To do this, first decide if you want the menu
  • How do I make products appear on my home page between my Site Message and my Site News? With the MonsterCommerce system, it is very simple to add products to your home page for your customer’s easy access to featured products. It is also easy to cycle thr
  • How do I enable display of the ‘Part Number’ field? If in the product editor, the field contains the part number but it is not displayed anywhere, then go to Settings >> Site Wide Settings >> Product List & Details > Display Product Part Number within Pro
  • Home site of Vattekkat Satheesh Babu, an Oracle systems analyst with 7+ years experience in Unix/Linux, PHP/Zope/Java/Cold Fusion/ASP.
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