links for 2006-08-14

  • CHRIS ISAAK.Wicked Game
  • Chris Isaak – Official Site – Music, video, tour dates, photos, biography, lyrics, news, bulletin board, links, official merchandise.
  • Blizzard Entertainment News and Information
  • World of Warcraft Community Site
  • This article describes a set of ASP.NET custom controls that make it quick and easy to add a forum to any web page. The forum code was initially written using VB script and ASP pages and one of the main goals was to mimic the look and feel of the CodeProj
  • Based on Those Delightful Inspirational Posters Which Have Become a Fixture of Dentist’s Offices Everywhere.
  • I’m coming to believe that while living in another country is alienating and strange, coming home is often even more so.
  • Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
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