links for 2006-06-23

  • My prediction that Google’s impending online payment mechanism, or “GBuy,” will play a pivotal role in Google’s just released for testing new Pay Per Action ad network format is reinforced by comments made by Google SVP Product Management, Jonathan Ro
  • The Beatles – The Beatles White Album – Birthday
  • Jimi Hendrix – Castles Made of Sand
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  • Fake position:fixed for IE6 Fixed Positioning in IE6 without Script
  • Graphical Pie Chart – Time Breakdown of Modern Web Design
  • Active File Recovery for Windows: Active File Recovery for Windows is an effective data recovery software tool. New version is powered by Active DiskScan technology to recover files that have been accidentally deleted or otherwise lost. Software scans com
  • Welcome to the MonsterCommerce Affiliate Program! What is the MonsterCommerce Affiliate Program? Become a MonsterCommerce affiliate and earn generous commissions for every client you refer. For each new customer that signs up for our services through your
  • Anonymizer is also the leader in anonymous web surfing solutions. Like most people, you may not understand the importance of anonymous web surfing programs that protect your online identity. If you don’t use an anonymous web surfing solution, your online
  • With PS 7, Adobe decided by default to embed XML-encoded “preview” data into JPEG files, using a feature of the JPEG format that permits embedding of arbitrarily-named “profiles”. In theory, these files are valid according to the JPEG specifications. Howe
  • CodeAmber, the Webs Amber Alert system provides web site owners with a JavaScript news feed ticker that displays active Amber Alerts on their web pages. The ticker contains all pertinent information about the victim, the law enforcement agency issuing the
  • Search for International Country Codes used for long distance calling. See country code and area code for ANY Country.
  • The True Gamers Strategic Choice – It’s always the right time to GET STRATEGIC! Make the right choice by shopping with the Compleat Strategist. We offer free shipping on all orders of $25.00 or more in the continental U.S. and our membership program affor
  • Web Content Management and Document Management with scalable flexible and affordable authoring solutions.
  • Thanks for stopping by! We make it convenient, fun, and easy to subscribe to new magazines or extend your current subscriptions all while not causing havoc on your credit card statement. Free shipping, discounted subscriptions, timely del
  • Merchantpicks Interviews Stephanie Leffler, Director of Sales, MonsterCommerce
  • What would happen if the starship Enterprise encountered the Death Star? Watch to find out…
  • A Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith music video. The song used in this video is “Deeper Into You” by Trust Company. The video shows Anakin’s progression towards the Dark Side, as he is eventually completely overtaken and becomes Darth Vader. Crea
  • This is part 1 of The Star Wars Holiday Special, which aired one time only on November 17th, 1978 and has been virtually lost ever since. This video is copyright Lucasfilm, yet George Lucas denies it’s very existence in interviews. After it aired, Lucas
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