links for 2006-05-20

  • Noodle is a Wiki implemented as an ASP app with VBScript. It can use the either the file system or Access2000 (aka MS Jet Engine 4.0) as the backend.
  • This Web site and the software it runs on were created by WardCunningham for the PortlandPatternRepository. It is home to an InformalHistoryOfProgrammingIdeas as well as a large volume of material recording related discourses and collaboration between its
  • Macs. Nobody gives a … “Yeah, I cry myself to sleep a lot…”
  • If you looked up ‘Video Game Addict’ in the dictionary…. well, you wouldn’t find anything. It’s not in there. But if it was, Ethan’s picture would almost certainly accompany it. His fanaticism concerning video games is the stuff of legends.
  • What follows is my story about a shed, a warm beer and a home made jet engine. It is being presented for entertainment purposes only and no-one should attempt to emulate what I have done here. The risks should be obvious but it is worth pointing out that
  • CTRL + ALT + DEL – By Tim Buckley – “Nobody” – Macs. Nobody gives a … “Yeah, I cry myself to sleep a lot…”
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