links for 2006-04-27

  • Black Sabbath – Ironman
  • The Full Monty – Donna Summer – Hot Stuff
  • Firefly Theme Song – Ballad of Serenity
  • Star Wars Episode III – The Abridged Script
  • Harrell also said he considers eBay’s ProStores and MonsterCommerce as MIVA’s primary competition in the SMB e-commerce market, as they both offer similarly tiered Web commerce services.
  • A simple ASP script (Using File System Object) to automatically produce sitemaps for a webserver, in the Google Sitemap Protocol (GSP)
  • The following are links to programs that support Google Sitemaps. Please Note: Google has not tested or verified the features or security of the third party software listed on this site. Please direct any questions regarding the software to the software’s
  • This command will generate an xml sitemap of your whole site that you can submit to google for better indexing.
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