links for 2006-03-18

  • If you upgrade to Microsoft Office XP while you are using Microsoft Outlook 2000 in Internet Mail Only (IMO) mode and you remove Office XP, revert to Microsoft Office 2000, and upgrade again to Office XP, you may receive the following error message when
  • This article describes how to obtain the latest Microsoft Office XP service pack.
  • Check for free updates that improve Office’s stability and security.
  • Office Online offers how-to articles, downloads, templates, clip art, and more for your Office programs.
  • QUALITY SERVICE AND REPAIR OF MUSIC PRODUCTION & REPRODUCTION ELECTRONICS AND STRINGED INSTRUMENTS – Specializing in repair/upgrade/hi-fi/voicing and custom builds of vintage musical instrument amplification.
  • The World’s Foremost Authority On Everything That Is Holy About Bob Saget
  • How silly is the Web 2.0 hype getting? You tell us! Here’s a quick quiz…we looked in 30Boxes and analyzed 37Signals that led us to come up with the 43Things below. So without further ado, can you decide… Web 2.0 or Star Wars Character?
  • There once was a router so crappy That it made all the Bloggers unhappy It caused pagers to be beep And kept us from sleep So we smashed it on the ground with golf clubs and threw paving stones at it and kicked it and someone filmed part of it but that’
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