links for 2006-03-03

  • is committed to providing pew bibles and witnessing bibles to churches and individuals at wholesale prices.(tags: christian christian/bible shopping clients)
  • Finding Great Podcast Content What’s a “podcast” you might be wondering? It’s a term that’s a bit misleading, because it has nothing directly to do with Apple iPods. In simplest terms, a podcast is an audio file that, through automated means, is downloaded for you. Further muddying(tags: microsoft microsoft/windows microsoft/windows/mobile music news technology technology/software technology/hardware technology/hardware/handhelds reference)
  • Make Your Own Ring tones No matter your music interests or aptitude, Windows Mobile can help you make beautiful music, or at least add your own touch to someone else’s songs.(tags: music audio sounds microsoft microsoft/windows microsoft/windows/mobile technology technology/software technology/hardware technology/hardware/handhelds)
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