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  • When I visited the ALA Web Design Survey 2010 earlier this month the data looked really interesting, but I was stuck trying to understand tables like this and data spread over a wide spectrum.

    Thankfully, A List Apart offer their survey data in a variety of formats, So I decided to pair the survey down and make it relevant to an individual, such as yourself.
    ALA Survey Analysis Tool provided by which is not affiliated with A List Apart.

  • It may come as no surprise that Keanu Reeves, who opts to intersperse mega-hits like Speed with quirkier art-house fare like Little Buddha, isn't exactly motivated by money

    The actor has even signed away a sizeable back-end deal for two Matrix sequels, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday in a profile of Reeves' erratic Hollywood career.

    According to the paper, Reeves handed over his valuable profit-sharing points to the franchise's special-effects and costume-design team. Whoa, dude!

    "He felt that they were the ones who made the movie and that they should participate," an unnamed movie executive tells the Journal.

    And it's not the first time that Reeves has shared his movie spoils. On The Devil's Advocate, Reeves shaved his salary by a few million dollars so that producers could afford Al Pacino, and he did the same thing on The Replacements to be able to work with Gene Hackman, according to the Journal.

  • Two commonly used server side scripting languages implemented by a web development agency are ASP (Active Server Pages) and PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor). They are both used to dynamically generate content on a web server, which gives interactive programmers and site owners the capability to add custom pragmatic logic, modify paragraph copy, or change the design palette.

    ASP was developed by Microsoft to run in conjunction with IIS (Internet Information Service) on Windows Server architecture. ASP typically is paired with a Microsoft Sequential Query Language (MS-SQL) database. These products need to be purchased from Microsoft for setup.

    PHP is an open source library that normally runs in conjunction with Apache on UNIX based servers. PHP is typically paired with a MySQL database engine or a PostgreSQL database, which do not cost any money to use.

  • The billion-mark was reached only after 1800 AD. When Jesus was born, there are thought to have been around 300 million people on earth.

    In the days ahead, a baby will be born who will take the global population above 7 billion for the first time, and in all probability that birth will take place in China or India, the two countries with more than a billion inhabitants.

    No one is sure. There may already be 7 billion passengers on spaceship earth, as no statistician would be prepared to say exactly when this event of largely symbolic significance takes place.

    The United Nations has fixed October 31 as the date of the fateful birth, but events have so often proved demographers wrong in the past that the expectation is that it will be sooner rather than later The rate of population growth has soared over the course of recorded history: When Jesus was born, there are thought to have been around 300 million people on earth.

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