links for 2011-08-19

  • Laura Marriott is CEO and and acting board chairperson of NeoMedia. She was also named one of the industry’s Mobile Women to Watch 2010 by Mobile Marketer, Top 50 U.S. Executives by Mobile Entertainment and Top 10 Women in Wireless by FierceMarkets. Marriott is highly regarded for her global voice and expertise in mobile marketing.

    Mobile barcodes are turning up everywhere – buses, magazines, television, bar coasters. According to recent research from comScore, 14 million U.S. mobile phone users scanned QR or barcodes in June alone, mostly via newspapers, magazines and product packaging, both at home and in-store. My company’s own data reveals that barcodes that offer access to a discount or coupon or that allow the consumer to learn more about a product or service are the most popular.

    Given that mobile barcodes are finally cracking the mainstream, they have enormous potential to present brands with brilliant results.

  • Optimizing your website images is a smart way to make your website’s page load more quickly and at the same time save bandwidth consumption and obviously, your hosting bills.

    Many tools for optimizing your website images are present out there for free but not all of them are really good to use. Here is a list of 8 tools that are easy to use and quite handy, and which let you shrink your images as much as you want.

  • Real-time, periodic or manual backups
    Continuously monitor folders for changes and update their backup copies immediately after the originals are modified. Or run backups at fixed time intervals.
    Delta file copying
    Reduce the amount of data being transferred by copying modified parts of the files only. This speeds up the backup, in many cases – dramatically.
    Precise file replication
    Copy not only the file data, but also the attributes, timestamps, NTFS security and ownership information.
    Intelligent error handling
    Rest assured that an issue with a specific file will not preclude the rest of the backup from completing. The program differentiates between file-specific and global errors and handles them differently.
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