links for 2011-08-03

  • So, you’ve decided to venture into the creation of responsive web designs. Wonderful! With the browsing landscape diversifying into mobile devices, netbooks, desktops and so forth, responsive web designs allow web designers to provide different layouts for specific devices (based on screen size and browser features) giving site visitors an optimal user experience.

    So now, you’ve determined that it would be beneficial to create responsive web designs. What tools can help you get the job done?

    Tools have started to spring up to provide us with shortcuts and helpers for common responsive web design tasks. Let’s take a look at just few that I find the most useful.

  • After years of promise, CSS3 has finally arrived in style (if you'll pardon the pun). It's added a whole new array of tools to our front-end toolbox, giving us rounded corners, gradients, opacity, transformations, transitions, animations and much more. But now that we have the fun stuff, the eye candy, what's next?

    The next problem for CSS3 to address will be layouts. Until now we've got by with floats, relative positioning and negative margin tricks, but we still have to work incredibly hard to produce anything beyond the fairly standard two- to three-column layouts.

    The W3C and the browser makers are aware of this problem, and working on a range of solutions. Chief among them (you may be surprised to learn) is the Internet Explorer team. IE10 looks set to herald an exciting new era of CSS layouts, making possible rich, dynamic and eye-catching websites that were previously beyond our reach.

  • Sites are instant with one-click access to your favorite sites right from the taskbar. Sites amaze with hardware-accelerated graphics and HTML5. Internet Explorer 9 was designed to let the potential of the web shine through.
  • PAC-MAN is a cultural icon whose popularity has crossed the globe for 30 years.

    His journey through the maze of gaming infamy continues on across each new generation!

    Get all the latest PAC-MAN news, games and heaps more

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