links for 2011-02-15

  • After disappearing for two weeks into the bowels of Egypt's prisons, Google executive Wael Ghonim emerged as one of the central figures in the Egyptian Revolution which removed longtime dictator Hosni Mubarak from power in February 2011. Now Ghonim's employer — a company with unprecedented power and influence in the world economy — has an equally unprecedented chance to side with good, in keeping with its motto, "Don't be evil," (which I choose to interpret as an injunction to be good). True, this might require cooperating with archrivals like Facebook and Twitter, which Ghonim singled out for praise last week. Alternatively, this may be the moment all these online giants dispense with the pretense of idealism and show themselves to be, in maturity, mundane and uninspiring institutions — amoral, insubstantial, and lacking commitment to any ideals worthy of the name.
  • YouTube is the largest video sharing website in this world, where anyone can upload videos. Sometimes a user may want to download any video but YouTube as like upload does not provides an easy way to download videos, So here is a top 10 list which enables user to download any video from you tube.By the help of these sites anyone can download any video uploaded by others.

    Some of these sites required java installed in your computer, if not they provide download links for java by installing java anyone can download any video from you tube for free & online no need to install any software for download.

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